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Southport Volunteer Fire Department HISTORY

The Southport Volunteer Fire Department first came into being through discussions between some of the men of Southport Corners. A representative group of these men appeared at the Town Hall in 1944 and leased the old voting booth on Laurel Street. This building had been damaged by fire and the terms of the lease were that they repair it.

Twelve brooms and ten Indian pumps were purchased and these were stored in the members' homes, scattered throughout the community. In 1948, a 1923 American LaFrance pumper was purchased and kept in O'Hart's Coal Yard on Leland Street. In August of 1951, the fire station at 1000 Laurel Street was started. This building was built entirely by the membership with the exception of the roof, which was put on by a contractor. Open House for the Laurel Street station was held on May 3, 1954. In July of 1952, a new American LaFrance pumper was purchased and put into service. The first contract for fire protection was signed with the town at that time.

On October 24, 1961, a public hearing was held for the proposed amendment for the purchase of a lot for training ground and possible future site of a new firehouse on Cedar Street and Carl Street. Plans for the new firehouse to be located at 1001 Carl Street were submitted to the Town Board on August 21, 1962. Contracts for the fire station were released on September 25, 1963.

We currently average between 180-200 alarms per year. Our current active roster lists 50 members providing us with ample firefighters to cope with almost any situation encountered in the community.

We at the Southport Volunteer Fire Department pride ourselves on the high level of professionalism in training and the proficiency we display while answering our many and varied calls. Training is an ongoing program which takes our firefighters to Federal, State, County and Department levels for programs and seminars. We take pleasure in serving our community with pride 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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